Stukeley Memoirs Project

William Stukeley’s Memoirs of the Royal Society:

A Collaborative Edition

William Stukeley. Mezzotint portrait by J. Smith, 1721, after Sir Godfrey Kneller

Over the course of 2020, Dr Dustin Frazier Wood (SGS) and Dr Mandy Topp (u3a) led a project to create a digital edition of William Stukeley’s Memoirs of the Royal Society (1749-56). These volumes contain not only a personal

perspective on the Royal Society and its Fellows during the 1740s and 1750s, but images of some of the discoveries and inventions displayed at its meetings.

Reading texts and digital scans of each volume will appear here as they are published over the course of 2021.

Volume 1

Volume 1 – Edited Text

Volume 1 – Digitised Manuscript

Volume 2

Volume 2 – Edited Text

Volume 2 – Digitised Manuscript