Spalding Gentlemen’s Society is not just a collection of objects in a building – it is also a community of people. We are a society in every sense of the word and moreover one which began in 1710. That we have survived for over three hundred years and flourish as we do today, is down to the support, dedication and hard work of so many past and present members.

The need for support, dedication and hard work has never been greater. We rely on volunteer assistance (whether from Council, wider membership or even non-members) for a huge range of tasks required to maintain the building, the collection, care and conservation processes and access.

We believe enjoyment of the arts and humanities enriches peoples’ lives and our aim is to encourage this enjoyment by

• caring for, understanding, enhancing, displaying and interpreting our collection and
• reaching as wide a public as possible by providing a welcoming and intimate experience for people of all ages, abilities, cultures and backgrounds.

The roles and tasks undertaken by Volunteers allow the Society to offer a high quality of visitor experience whilst closely involving not just Society members but volunteers from the wider community too.

Whether you are able to offer a few hours a month, a half day each week or just the odd few hours every now and again, your time, energy and effort will help the Society to carry on its work.

You may feel that the time commitment you are able to make would be too small to be useful – absolutely not so! Volunteering is about giving the gift of time and time has a monetary value. Even were they to pay volunteers at the minimum wage, many museums up and down the country would have wage bills running into thousands, indeed tens of thousands of pounds annually.

No matter the size of your contribution you will be part of a huge resource, a “major donor” to the ongoing successes of the Society.

Your support is invaluable and it is very much appreciated.

For more information, please take time to read these documents:

Volunteer Agreement

For an informal chat or more information contact either outreach@sgsoc.org or volunteer@sgsoc.org