“The Isfahan Friday Mosque. A Palimpsest of Iranian Islamic Architecture”

Join us on 24/03/23 for the last lecture in the season.
As one of the most important monuments in all of Asia, the Friday Mosque, or Masjid-i Jame, of the Iranian city of Isfahan is a masterpiece of world architecture that rewards close examination of its multifaceted layers. It is a palimpsest of a building, with material dating from the 8th century onward, and has been restored, rebuilt, and redecorated by every major dynasty from the Abbasids till today.
This talk will give an overview of the key elements of the site, some recent discoveries, and will attempt to place it into the wider context of Islamic architectural history in Iran over the longue duree.

The Lecture will take place at 7.30pm at Spalding Methodist Church, Broad Street [opposite the Museum]
The admission fee is £3 per person, payable on the door.

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