New SGS Charity Quiz

New SGS Charity Quiz Announcement

A new quiz has been released, to help pass the time, and exercise those little grey cells etc.

The theme is ‘Double Letters’, every answer is two words, and each word begins with the same letter. There are 100 questions in total.

Please email and you will be emailed the quiz and instructions, or download a copy from the following link: SGS Double Letter Quiz

Please consider printing the pages back to back, to save paper.

It will be the usual £1 entry fee. Although additional donations are always welcome.

There are three prizes, 1st place £20, 2nd place £10, and a £5 random prize from all entries.

The closing date will be the 1st March 2021.

You will also be able to purchase a copy from Bookmark in Spalding.

Good luck everyone, and stay safe.

Many thanks,


SGS Lanternist

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