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SGS Weathervane

SGS Weathervane 476 433 SGSocAdmin

This item is not in the museum, but rather on it. When walking past the museum, many may have noticed a ship perched upon the roof. That ship is in fact a weathervane. The weathervane came from the roof of the “Old Ship” warehouse in Double Street. It is shown on a view of the…

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Festival of Archaeology at Ayscoughfee

Festival of Archaeology at Ayscoughfee 500 453 SGSocAdmin

The Society joined forces with Ayscoughfee Hall to stage this very popular event from 20th to the 22nd of July. We welcomed nearly a thousand visitors who came to see the exhibitions and join in the activities. The feedback from visitors and volunteers alike was very positive. We congratulate Niki Hawley , Julia and her…

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Grants Success

Grants Success 150 150 SGSocAdmin

Members may have noticed electrical and associated works going on at the museum which should finish by the end of this month. We have been able to carry on activities around the work and hope not too much inconvenience has been caused. The work has been funded by The Arts Council through the agency of Museum…

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Annual Outing 2017

Annual Outing 2017 764 396 SGSocAdmin

On July 11th sixty Society members and guests accepted the invitation of the Duke of Buccleuch to visit his fine house at Boughton. We were treated to a full tour of the house with its magnificent paintings and beautifully furnished rooms. We were given a tour of the estate in the afternoon followed by the opportunity…

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An ‘Instrument of Torture’

An ‘Instrument of Torture’ 699 406 SGSocAdmin

Placed on the top of the Shell Cabinet in the Turner Gallery this small, 150 x 100, frame contains an ‘Instrument of Torture’. The caption tells us where it came from and who had ‘worn’ it on a particular date, but little else. So, who was Ethel Taylor; who were her family. I decided to…

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Armes & Memoires of ffamilies in Lincolnshire

Armes & Memoires of ffamilies in Lincolnshire 236 358 SGSocAdmin

Maurice Johnson “Armes & Memoires of ffamilies in Lincolnshire. Collected from Authentick Records, Rolls, MSS, & other Monuments of Antiquity & Creditt, & Authors cited” This is an exceptional example of early eighteenth-century antiquarian practice.  The manuscript volume bears a bookplate dated 1735, but was probably begun by Maurice Johnson c. 1720 and continued by…

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Astronomy in the Early Minutes

Astronomy in the Early Minutes 630 472 SGSocAdmin

Astronomy in the Early Minutes The Society’s collection includes a three inch reflecting telescope, a photograph of which graces the front cover of this Annual Report.   It was bought in 1761, clearly for use by the Society’s members.  The instrument is marked “B Martin, Fleet Street”.  Benjamin Martin dealt in a wide variety of scientific…

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