The latest news from the Society

SGS Numbers Quiz

SGS Numbers Quiz 150 150 Dave Jacobs

New SGS Charity Quiz Announcement I thought it would be a good idea to bring out another quiz, to help pass the time, and exercise those little grey cells etc. It is a Numbers quiz, and every answer is a number. Please email and you will be emailed the quiz and instructions, or download a…

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Words Quiz Results

Words Quiz Results 150 150 Dustin Frazier Wood

Many thanks to all who took part in the latest Society quiz – the results are now in. A total of £205 was raised, which is a great achievement. Also, a special thank you to those that donated a bit of extra money. All proceeds go to the Society. There were two people sharing first…

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Musings from the Museum 13

Musings from the Museum 13 1024 348 SGSocAdmin

Captain Christopher Middleton’s Map and Book -Jonathan Dobbs, SGS Member & Volunteer Coordinator A couple of weeks ago my Father was given a birthday present from his family to enable both him, and my Mother, to keep in touch with their grandchildren. Advertised as an easy to use video calling device, Portal from Facebook also…

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Musings from the Museum 12

Musings from the Museum 12 1024 683 SGSocAdmin

I Felt Like Alice in Wonderland (Italian & English) Irene Regolo [*We are delighted to have many international members, volunteers and correspondents. To ensure their voices are captured, we present their posts in their own words, followed by a translation where necessary.] Durante il mio viaggio attraverso l’Inghilterra, casualmente scoprii la SGS e il suo…

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Musings from the Museum 11

Musings from the Museum 11 1024 768 SGSocAdmin

Combat Over the Trenches Alistair Goodrum Their donor sadly unknown; tucked away among the treasures in our Library are two unique books that, to an aviation historian, are little gems.  These are a pair of Log Books – not of the more familiar, personal, aircrew type – but of two individual aeroplanes that flew during…

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Musings from the Museum 10

Musings from the Museum 10 1024 319 SGSocAdmin

U3A Shared Learning Projects with the Spalding Gentlemen’s Society Dr Mandy Topp The Spalding Gentlemen’s Society holds some thirty plus boxes of documents relating to Sir Joseph Banks and the Stanhope family who inherited his Revesby estate. Over the last few months members of Sleaford U3A have been working with the SGS, in a Shared…

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Musings from the Museum #9

Musings from the Museum #9 836 1024 SGSocAdmin

Discovering the SGS Archives Dr. Michael Honeybone As I’m a historian, I will start with a date.  In 1992 I had just moved from school-teaching to educating adults and was teaching a course in the History of Science and Technology for the Open University.  I was in search of local historical material which could make…

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Musings from the Museum #8

Musings from the Museum #8 1024 966 SGSocAdmin

Lordships of Manors – The Manor of Crowland -Freya Trotman Following a visit to the Spalding Gentlemen’s Society in Broad Street, after a very long absence. Ian Hoult very kindly showed me round and introduced me to one of the “stars” of the vast collection. The Crowland Cartulary. This early medieval manuscript was just astonishing…

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Musings from the Museum #7

Musings from the Museum #7 480 640 SGSocAdmin

Family Memories Ed Oetting Terra Nova, Pinchbeck My first visit to the Society was in 1960 when my mother, sister and I were spending the summer with my grandparents, Cecil F. and Patience Turner.  We were staying at Terra Nova, Pinchbeck — the house my grandparents built after they moved from their Northgate Mill house.…

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Musings from the Museum #6

Musings from the Museum #6 150 150 SGSocAdmin

We Don’t Always Know the Answers -Colin E Baslington As part of my helping at the Society I undertook to act as a Steward showing visitors round the Museum and some years ago a request came from a lady who wished to visit with her son. This was to be a private visit for two…

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