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Musings from the Museum 18.

Musings from the Museum 18. 150 150 SGSocAdmin

  A Tale of Four Rivers                                                                        An article by Dr Martin Blake                …

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New SGS Charity Quiz

New SGS Charity Quiz 150 150 Dave Jacobs

I have created a new quiz to help pass the time, and to continue exercising those little grey cells etc. It is a ‘Picture Quiz’ with 100 questions. Please email and you will be emailed a copy with instructions, or download a copy from the following link: Picture Quiz Please consider printing the pages…

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Fenland and Heritage Network April 2021

Fenland and Heritage Network April 2021 150 150 SGSocAdmin

Fenland Heritage Network_April 2021_V1.doc [] FENLAND HERITAGE NETWORK The table below shows the contact information for the organisations involved in the Fenland Heritage. If any of the details are incorrect or you would like to provide more information then please email If there are any other group who would like to be added…

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Stukeley Memoirs Project Volume 1

Stukeley Memoirs Project Volume 1 150 150 Dustin Frazier Wood

SGS is pleased to release the first volume of William Stukeley’s Memoirs of the Royal Society in an open access digital edition created by SGS and u3a members over the past year. Tremendous thanks go to the 36 volunteers who gave their time and energy to the project. Title page of William Stukeley, Memoirs of the Royal…

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Abstracts from Symposium 24/04/2021

Abstracts from Symposium 24/04/2021 150 150 Sharon Hoult

SGS SYMPOSIUM Morning Session   The Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of Lindsey (Erik Grigg) I will discuss the early medieval kingdom of Lindsey, which probably covered the north half of Lincolnshire and flourished in the centuries after the end of Roman rule. I will discuss the written and archaeological evidence, its possible origins and the role of…

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Latest ‘Double Letters’ Quiz Results

Latest ‘Double Letters’ Quiz Results 150 150 Dave Jacobs

The latest Spalding Gentlemen’s Society quiz ‘Double Letters’ has now closed, and the results are in. Many thanks to all those that took part, a total of £175 was raised, which is a great achievement during these trying times. A special thank you to all those that sent in a donation as well. With twelve…

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The Vikings and Anglo-Saxons Symposium

The Vikings and Anglo-Saxons Symposium 150 150 Sharon Hoult

Don’t forget to book for this event.

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Heritage Network 20/02/2021

Heritage Network 20/02/2021 150 150 SGSocAdmin

HERITAGE NETWORK The fourth Heritage Network event was held online on Saturday 20th February 2020 and, building on the success of the earlier events, there were 23 people participating from 15 different organisations. This included two new organisations; Thorney Museum and the Welland Rivers Trust. As the pandemic is coming towards the end organisations are…

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Musings from the Museum 17

Musings from the Museum 17 150 150 SGSocAdmin

SNAPSHOTS IN TIME. by Alastair Goodrum. 4. Colour: Littlebury Holbeach 2011/2.​Side view of the tomb in 2011. ©AJG 2011   It seems such a long time ago when, one evening at the end of October 2011, at an informal gathering in the Lecture Room, a sample of photographs taken from the Society’s glass-negative collection was…

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Musings from the Museum 16

Musings from the Museum 16 150 150 SGSocAdmin

Musings from the medal department. The inter allied victory medal 1914-19 Of all the medals in the world the allied victory medal must surely be the most collected as the variants created, often in small numbers, combine to make a fantastic collection as very often there are many variants of a single medal found. I…

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